A front- to back-office solution for your most complex securities

Portfolio management. Order management. Execution management. IBOR. All this and more built into a product that seamlessly interfaces with your existing tech stack. Meet Alta, the world’s leading OTC investment management platform. Mitigate operational risk, aggregate liquidity, and allow your traders to focus on what they do best.



Where our competitors take years, we take weeks. Alta was developed to trade all major asset classes right out of the box. Need custom development on top of our library of features? Not a problem. Our team can tweak the platform to meet the needs of your business, whatever they may be.

With architecture designed specifically for OTC's, updating the platform to support additional asset classes or accounting requirements is a breeze, and our team releases updates regularly. Give your portfolio managers, traders, and back office teams a platform intuitively designed for complex OTC trades. 



We recognize that every tech stack is unique and poses its own set of challenges. That's why we designed Alta around a plug-and-play model, where you can decide exactly which features to integrate into your trading pipeline. 

Outside of our core OEMS capabilities, we provide solutions for a wide range of functions including Portfolio Management and IBOR. While our components work great together, they also interface with industry-standard tools and SEFs like TradeWeb, TrueEx, and Bloomberg. No matter your tools, vendors, or data infrastructure, Alta can hit the ground running.



Ensure a seamless pipeline by letting Alta handle trades from conception to post-execution. Where many platforms require custom development to connect to upstream and downstream tools, Adroit offers a full suite of features that take your trades from Portfolio Management to execution without having to format and transform trade data. This end-to-end functionality is even more important as your company grows: our tools are all built to scale.

Decrease operational risk and save time with a solution that handles data across the trading pipeline, no matter how large you grow.