Aggregated liquidity, valuation, regulatory compliance, and world-class TCA.

The Alta Platform by Adroit.


The First OTC Trading Platform for the Buy-Side

  • Use the right tool for the job: Purpose built for the buy-side to improve execution and streamline traders’ jobs for the OTC markets

  • The only platform that aggregates streaming, RFQ, and voice liquidity in OTC markets (Swaps, FX, FI)

  • End-to-end solution that handles the most complex use cases and fund structures

  • Quick and flexible to deploy, Alta integrates to your technology stack using plug-and-play components

  • A cornerstone of trading at leading funds known for their scale and depth in OTC markets


Improve execution and reduce transaction costs

  • Smart Order Router

  • Real-time, Consolidated Order Book with streamlined connectivity

  • Trade Optimizer

  • Built-in Trade Cost Analytics


Enable traders to make better decisions faster

  • Live valuation of trades including complex packages

  • Intuitive User Interface: Contextual, guides traders through workflow

  • Minimal data entry, fat-finger input checks

  • Automatically handles complex fund structures

  • Out-of-the-box workflow rules for compliance and efficient execution

  • Single click to other systems (e.g. Bloomberg® functions)


Rapid integration and flexibility

  • Weeks to first trade (vs. many months)

  • Integration framework that works with your current API's

  • Modular design accommodates use of existing systems

  • Library of interface adapters allow for easy integration


Compare Adroit to the O/EMS Market


Everyone Else

Our Solution



  • Do not measure or minimize transaction costs

  • Lengthy, multi-year deployments with high failure rates

  • Require a large team to operate

  • Time of trade, post-trade TCA, dealer score-card

  • Deployed in days with a proven track record

  • Fully automated for zero-touch operation

Tech Liability

Competitive Advantage

  • Take years of development to add asset classes

  • Cannot support new regulations, trading styles, or workflows without months of development

  • Require long-term projects to add new sources of liquidity or alter execution strategies

  • Can add asset classes in days

  • Regulatory requirements pre-built to keep trading compliant while supporting evolving workflows

  • Liquidity providers added in hours, strategies changed at the speed of thought


Institutional Grade

  • Shoehorn OTC assets into equity-centric systems, causing compliance issues

  • Cannot value OTC instruments, leaving managers with an incomplete picture of risk and inaccurate positioning

  • Require 'special tools' (typically Excel), human intervention, and cumbersome reconciliations to handle trade lifecycles


  • Purpose-built for OTC; no asset is too nuanced or complex to handle

  • Precise valuation and risk analytics let you play aggressively without being exposed

  • Automation at every step, meaning problems are caught at the source and resolved quickly



  • Few asset classes and products supported

  • Basic liquidity aggregation without valuation; not a trading system but a trade capturing system

  • Only address small segments of the trading pipeline, rather than full end-to-end solutions

  • The widest coverage on the market with industry-leading functionality

  • Focus on goals, save on transaction costs, provide leverage, and automate workflows

  • Carry exposure from conception through portfolio management, trading, and settlement--all in one platform