Anil Jaglan B+W.jpg

Anil Jaglan

Founder, Architect

Anil has 18+ years of experience leading fin-tech development and architecture teams at buy-side firms including Bridgewater, Saracen Energy, and Amaranth. Anil is a graduate of National Institute of Technology (India).

Michael Egan B+W.jpg

Michael Egan

Partner, Business Development

Mike has 20+ years of experience consulting and leading development, business analysis and dev ops teams at buy-side firms including Highbridge, Apollo, Caxton, HBK, Bridgewater, and Amaranth. Mike is a graduate of Columbia University.

Vivian Lai B+W.jpg

Vivian Lai

Partner, Product

Vivian has 18+ years of experience leading technology teams at buy-side firms including Bridgewater Associates, Pequot Capital, and Amaranth. Vivian is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Peter  Myers B+W.jpg

Peter Myers

Partner, Development

Pete has 10+ years developing software at Bridgewater Associates where he was responsible for portfolio optimization algorithms. A CFA charterholder, he is a graduate of Princeton University.

Patrick Wales B+W.jpg

Patrick has 3+ years of experience developing investment management software, joining Adroit from Morgan Stanley. Patrick is a graduate of Bucknell University.

Patrick Wales

Software Engineer

William Juan B+W.jpg

William Juan

Quantitative Developer

William has 3+ years of experience developing investment management software, joining Adroit from Passport Capital. William is a graduate of Oxford University.

Nicholas Wetherbee B+W.jpg

Nicholas Wetherbee

Product Manager

Nicholas has 2+ years of experience, joining Adroit from Opera Solutions where he was a management consultant specializing in machine learning technologies. Nicholas is a graduate of Duke University.

Xavier Lebec B+W.jpg

Xavier Lebec

Software Engineer

Xavier has 4+ years of experience, joining Adroit from XSB Inc. Xavier is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, with a master's degree from New York University.