OTC Trading Made Easy

Adroit’s Alta platform aggregates liquidity in OTC markets, offering an end-to-end platform for your most challenging asset classes. We empower investment professionals to make quick and actionable decisions while supporting the systematic, algorithmic approach to trading that investors demand.


Built On Years Of Buy-Side Product Experience

Before founding Adroit, we were responsible for critical investment and technology functions at top buy-side firms for over two decades. In those years, we were frustrated by vendor solutions that could not accomplish basic investment objectives, even after years of integration and enhancements. With that experience in mind, we built the ideal buy-side O/EMS system for complex OTC products: a powerful, agile platform that works for traders and technologists alike.


Used By The World's Most Sophisticated Hedge Funds

Since Alta’s launch, it has been a cornerstone of trading at leading investment management firms known for their scale and depth in OTC markets. Whether used as an O/EMS platform across security types or as a niche solution, our platform provides the scalability and risk mitigation needed to help your business generate alpha, no matter its size.


Quick To Deploy, Agile Forever

Alta integrates to your tech stack in days using plug-and-play components. Thereafter, it's a simple matter of turning on additional asset classes, liquidity venues, and algos as your needs grow. Our IBOR enables fast-moving investment strategies by providing accurate, real-time position and valuation data.