5 Steps to Better Trading in 2019

1.       Stop Reading, Start Thinking

If a great trader has some startling insight into how to make money in markets they aren’t going to publish it in a book.  Would you?

2.       Drink Lots of Coffee

You’re going to need it.  Boring trading is good trading.  Don’t get me wrong, developing the understanding of how markets work is fascinating.  Filling in the order ticket is not.

3.       Be Invisible or Appear Random

These are the only two strategies that can’t be used against you.  Ever wondered what “smart algos” do?  The good ones do this.

4.       Don’t get into trouble

There are lots of rules.  They are complicated.  Follow them. 

5.       Settle Down(stream)

Don’t ignore your operations team!  If it doesn’t settle it didn’t happen.  Mistakes are costly.  Streamline your trading from front to back.